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The SEQOHS accreditation scheme awards a badge of quality to occupational health and occupational health physiotherapy services that have demonstrated they have met the SEQOHS standards.

How can I find out if the occupational health service I use is accredited by SEQOHS?

A searchable list of occupational health and occupational health physiotherapy services that have achieved SEQOHS accreditation can be found here. A list of services working towards SEQOHS accreditation (services that have registered with SEQOHS and have not yet demonstrated they have met the standards) can be found here.


Where can I find more information about how occupational health services can work towards SEQOHS accreditation?

Information on the accreditation process can be found here.


How do the SEQOHS standards relate to workers and employees?

Domain F (page 13) of the SEQOHS standards focuses on an occupational health service's relationship with its workers.


What is the background of SEQOHS?

Dame Carol Black reviewed the health of Britain's working-age population, and Working for a healthier tomorrow was published in March 2008. It advocated clear standards of practice and formal accreditation of all providers who support people of working age. The Government’s response to the review, improving health and work: changing lives, endorsed that recommendation.

In response to this a broad stakeholder group led by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) developed standards and accreditation for occupational health services. The first set of standards were launched as SEQOHS in January 2010 and the FOM commissioned the Royal College of Physicians to develop and manage the accreditation scheme, which was launched in December 2010.











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