Services working towards SEQOHS accreditation

ServiceRegistered on
2gether NHS Foundation Trust16 Apr 2012
Abermed LTD25 Nov 2010
Active Health Solutions29 May 2015
Airbus Operations Ltd In-house Occupational Health25 Jan 2017
Allied Milling and Baking23 Apr 2013
ARC Academy UK LTD26 Apr 2017
Armed Forces Defence Primary Health Care30 Oct 2013
Ashlands Occupational Health Ltd11 Mar 2015
Assured Occupational Health04 Feb 2016
Aston Martin01 Mar 2017
Auscare Professional Service Limited19 Sep 2016
Avondale Construction29 Mar 2017
Babcock international Group 24 Feb 2016
Back in Action UK12 Jun 2015
Bakkavor Meals - London22 Aug 2014
Basildon and Thurrock University NHS Foundation Trust24 Feb 2012
Bell Work Health Ltd25 Apr 2017
Black and Banton Occupational and Physical Health Services18 Aug 2014
Blackpool Council Occupational Health Service05 Sep 2016
Bradford District Care Trust NHS Foundation Trust10 Aug 2015

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