SEQOHS stands for Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service and is a set of standards and a voluntary accreditation scheme for occupational health services in the UK. 

Who runs SEQOHS?

The SEQOHS accreditation scheme is managed by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM), which is a charity committed to improving health at work. It is the professional and educational body for occupational medicine in the UK and seeks to ensure the highest standards in the practice of occupational medicine. 

How do I check if an Occupational Health (OH) service is SEQOHS accredited?

By clicking on the tab ‘view accredited services’ to the left of this page. If you wish to check a specific OH service you can search by their name.

I am an employer with an in-house OH service, could they become accredited?

Yes. SEQOHS welcomes in-house Occupational Health services to the accreditation scheme.

It is recognised that some employers may not be too sure what to expect from their in-house service or how to ensure their competency. The SEQOHS standards act as the benchmark for best practice, so if your in-house team is accredited it provides assurance to you and the other employees that your Occupational Health service has been assessed and is recognised as a safe, effective and quality service.

What should I do if I am not happy with my SEQOHS accredited OH service provider?

SEQOHS is an accreditation scheme rather that a regulator, so cannot get involved in any disputes.

You are advised to firstly discuss any concerns directly with the Occupational Health service provider. If you have concerns that the OH service is breaching any of the SEQOHS standards for which they are accredited, then please contact us via email: askSEQOHS@fom.ac.uk

If you have any concerns about the practice of an individual practitioner, you should contact their regulator for advice.

What is the difference between an accredited service and a service that is working towards accreditation?

Accredited providers have been assessed by a team of peer reviewers and have demonstrated they meet the SEQOHS standards. Accreditation is awarded to a service for five years, subject to successful completion of further annual assessments. To see a list of services with SEQOHS accreditation, please click here.  

Services working towards accreditation have not yet demonstrated that they meet the SEQOHS standards.


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The Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) is the professional and educational body for occupational medicine in the UK and seeks to ensure the highest standards of practice.