SEQOHS training for services

As part of the support provided for services, the SEQOHS accreditation scheme holds training days for occupational health and occupational health physiotherapy services. Each training day will be run by an expert team of trainers and has been designed to support services through the accreditation process.

Please note that SEQOHS holds training days for different types of services at different stages of their accreditation journey. If you would like to sign up for a training day, please check you are signing up for a day that is aimed at the stage of accreditation you are currently at.

Stage A Training is aimed at services who are beginning the SEQOHS accreditation process or considering joining the scheme, and new starters at registered and accredited services.  Stage A Training is charged at £175+VAT per delegate.

Stage B Training is aimed at services who are actively working on the self-assessment and evidence gathering process.  Registered services are eligible for 1 inclusive place at the Stage B training additional places are charged at £175+VAT.

 To find out more about the training days we run or to book your place on an upcoming training day, please click the links below.

Register your interest in attending an upcoming training day

Information for delegates for How to Prepare for accreditation training days

 If you are subsequently unable to attend an event, please let us know so that we can offer your place to another service.

" Thank you, a well run day made very comfortable and had useful format – attendee involvement was particularly good.''

Feedback from an occupational health service following our How to Prepare for SEQOHS accreditation training day in May 2017.


''Fantastic day! Thank you- super helpful, very supportive and worthwhile.''

Feedback from our Occupational Health How to Prepare for SEQOHS accreditation training day in July 2017. 


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