How to register with SEQOHS

Registration with SEQOHS is for either occupational health services or occupational health physiotherapy services wishing to apply for accreditation.

Before progressing please ensure you have read and understood the Quick Guide to SEQOHS accreditation. 

If at this stage you are just looking for more information about SEQOHS accreditation, the SEQOHS Standards, or want to check whether your service is eligible to apply for SEQOHS accreditation, please click on the relevant link, alternatively contact us through our web form.

If you do wish to register for SEQOHS accreditation, please complete the registration form as follows:

General occupational health services should complete the OH registration form

Occupational health physiotherapy services should complete the OH physiotherapy registration form

The registration form requests information about your service and includes the service agreement with SEQOHS. 

Once we have received your application, the SEQOHS team will contact the person you have listed as the SEQOHS lead. You will then be invoiced for your annual fee, and once paid, we will grant you access to the SEQOHS webtool, where you can begin to work towards SEQOHS accreditation.

It is advisable that you attend SEQOHS training once you feel ready to progress towards assessment to ensure you are on the right track.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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