Eligibility for SEQOHS

Any occupational health or occupational health physiotherapy service can register with SEQOHS, provided they meet the required criteria below. At the time of registration, services should:

  • contract directly to purchasers of occupational health services or occupational health physiotherapy services
  • ensure that the service will have been established and operational for a minimum of a year (if new) at the time of completing their self-assessment
  • commit to attending a SEQOHS Stage B ‘how to prepare for accreditation’ training day before signing off their self-assessment
  • commit to completing an online self-assessment and to achieving  all of the relevant standards
  • commit to providing supporting evidence for all standards
  • commit to demonstrating clear processes and understanding through a remote and / or a face-to-face assessment 

OH physiotherapy services must also employ an ACPOHE registered professional physiotherapist in the OH department at the time they have signed off their self-assessment.




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