Standards Review

SEQOHS Standards Review

The SEQOHS Standards are the benchmarks that occupational health services must demonstrate they meet before they can be awarded SEQOHS accreditation.

These Standards, managed by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM), are reviewed periodically to reflect the changing occupational health landscape and give the opportunity for all stakeholders to suggest improvements.

The latest SEQOHS Standards Review has begun and the new Standards are due to be launched in early 2023.

The FOM is engaging with a range of stakeholders, including Government, purchasers, in-house service providers and commercial providers, to listen to their opinions.

A trusted quality mark

The Faculty wants SEQOHS accreditation, and re-accreditation, to add further value, be more streamlined and with further focus on outcomes, while continuing to be the standard for occupational health services and a trusted quality mark.

SEQOHS accreditation is already highly valued and is recognised as the industry standard. The Government is considering a subsidy for small to medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed to access occupational health services, which the Faculty fully supports. As part of this, there needs to be an assurance of quality and the Government has referenced SEQOHS as providing that in its recent report ‘Health is everyone’s business’.

Improving the Standards

The aim is to further develop the value SEQOHS brings, and to streamline the accreditation process to remove unnecessary paperwork and duplication, and a greater focus on clinical outputs and outcome measures. There is a broad range of occupational health providers, and SEQOHS will provide more information to purchasers about the services delivered by accredited providers and how they meet SEQOHS standards.

Dr Robin Cordell is leading the Review and he is working with a team of clinical and accreditation professionals. Over the course of 2022, the Faculty will be drafting, feasibility testing, and consulting in detail on proposed improvements to SEQOHS Standards. Stakeholders will be provided with regular updates on its progress and be invited to provide their views of the proposed changes.

Transition plan

Services with re-accreditation due in the last few months of 2022 may want the opportunity to re-accredit against the new Standards. Similarly, some organisations who have started the process on the 2015 Standards may want to complete against these Standards albeit early in 2023. There will be a clear transition plan, that provides support and a reasonable window in which parallel systems can operate. The process will be carefully planned and clearly communicated.

Get in touch

This webpage will be updated and stakeholders will hear directly from the Faculty as the Review progresses, but you are welcome to give your views at any time below.

Please contact if you would like to comment on the SEQOHS Standards Review.

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