Benefits of SEQOHS accreditation for services

 When a service registers for accreditation, they are committing to an ongoing annual programme of quality improvement, assessment and maintenance. This offers many benefits for a service as follows:

  • Provide independent and impartial recognition that the service provider has objectively demonstrated their competence, providing external validation and a badge of quality.
  • Identify good practice so that it may be furthered and built upon.
  • Identify sub-optimal practice so that it may be improved.
  • Provide a standard for all services to work towards, improving consistency across services.
  • Identify gaps in existing services so that they may be remedied.
  • Identify the staff and other resources required to deliver an effective service.
  • Gather workload data systematically to inform optimal use of resources.
  • Encourage networking through appropriate professional societies and groups.
  • Establish evidence-based local referral guidelines and indications for referral.
  • Develop cost-effective management guidelines and standardise care.
  • Inform efforts by workers to get the local services workers require.


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